A Very Good Place To Start

So, the first blog post, eh?

I’m still in that confusing Blog Newbie phase where I’m not really sure how to edit posts properly, and my carefully designed header image is getting cut off at the bottom depending on someone’s screen size, but hey ho. It’s all part of the learning process and I suppose that’s the first thing you need to know about me. Life is about learning and experiencing new things. I’m always trying out new hobbies, having a go at new projects, and I love that sense of achievement when I’ve finally got something right. So to hell with my wonky cover image, I know I’ll get there.

So what else do you need to know about me? Here’s a roundup of the ten best facts about yours truly:

  1. I’m left handed, but I use scissors with my right hand.
  2. I’ve been on television with Jamie Oliver, and he made me eat a prawns head.
  3. The only food I don’t like is seafood. That includes prawns heads.
  4. When I lived in London I had a house rabbit called Peter who would hop about my feet as I cooked in the kitchen and slept on the end of my bed. He chewed an impressive hole in the carpet, so I had to find him a new home.
  5. My family run a joke shop. I come home from work and I’m surrounded by boxes of whoopee cushions and rubber chickens.
  6. Peonies amaze me. Like, how can something be so beautiful? Give me a bouquet with peonies and I’ll love you forever.
  7. I’m one of those people who sneezes in the sunshine.
  8. I genuinely need to drink tea every three hours at least or I begin to go into withdrawal mode.
  9. At school, my friends were the geeky types who all played instruments in the school orchestra. The music teacher let me play the triangle so I could hang out with everyone at lunchtimes. My father found this hilarious.
  10. I once had a comment printed in the Metro, where I advised Broken Hearted Mancunian Girl to eat Bakewell Tarts and to learn to love herself. I still stand by this statement.

So that’s me – and now we know each other a little better. I’m really looking forward to blogging and I hope you enjoy my nattering.

Be happy, be bright, be you xxx

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6 thoughts on “A Very Good Place To Start

  1. Love this!!!!!! Peonies are absolutely beautiful… Sometimes I just Pin pictures of them… Because they’re pretty. Your family run a joke shop?! This is amazing!!!! Just like in Hairspray!!!!

    Well done honey, you are now a Blogger! Woo hoo!!!! X


  2. Great post! I think it counts as an introduction anyway 🙂

    Re: header. Most WordPress themes are responsive so your header image will adjust to different screen sizes… If you scroll down to the very bottom of your blog page, you will see the name of your theme, click it and it will bring up a page all about your theme, on there you will find the dimensions required for your art work 🙂 hope this helps!


  3. Hello!!! Welcome to the blogging world! Loved this post from the very first line so huge well done! Check out Jemma at Dorkface. She’s fantastic and gives great advice. Also Olivia of Dungarees and Donuts. They’ve both helped me loads. I’m over at girlgonedreamer. Shout out if you need any help! Oh and feel free to join Jemma’s blog community/group… The Girl Gang. It’s free, we just support each other and spread positivity wherever we go and of course share each others posts on Twitter Xxx

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