Home Interiors: My Auntie’s House


Well it’s been an interesting week at work with lots of exciting plans being made, so I haven’t had too much time to write any posts but I really wanted to share some of these images from my Aunty Jane’s house.

From colourful prints to scented candles and crotchet pillows – my Auntie’s house has always been one of my favourite places. The other week, she asked me to go house sit (I know right – someone actually trusting me to LOOK AFTER SOMETHING IMPORTANT LIKE A HOUSE – CRAZY) for her while she went on a weekend break with my Uncle to Norfolk and of course I was happy to oblige. They live in Bromley, about an hour and a half’s drive away from Hastings, but I feel like its my second home. I’m always made to feel so welcome there and more importantly there is always something yummy in the fridge because my Aunty loves M&S πŸ™‚

The other thing that my aunty loves is BUYING LOVELY THINGS for her home. There have been a few times when my Uncle has had to put his foot down but I don’t think it lasts very long. It’s what she loves doing.

‘Oh looooooook,’ she’ll say, holding up another clay rabbit in a shop. ‘Oh he’s LOVELY!’. It’s so much fun!

So I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps of my favourite things while I was there – starting of course with a rather marvellous brown rabbit…or he might be a hare actually.

Anyway, here he is, sitting rather happily on the chest of drawers in the master bedroom:


A small hand-painted Venetian mask which they picked up on their honeymoon sits above gold framed pictures on the wall of the dining room.


Adorable, quirky prints inject a sense of character and fun into a cream conservatory. And check out that crochet blanket on the back of the chair!! Who made THAT gorgeous thing?? That’s right my friends – my clever Aunt made it. Amazing!!


Now I’d like to introduce you to my small friend, Norman. Norman is a Tibetan Terrier. As designated house sitter, my duties included keeping him fed and watered, taking him for walkies and chasing after him every time he stole one of my Ugg boots from the hallway. Here he is posing (begging for a piece of my toast) next to a crotchet foot stool:


Flowers + clock + patterned wall paper = YES.


An autumnal heart-shaped wall piece complements the soft cream walls in the hall way, while a smaller white heart hanging in the centre with string gives extra texture. Everyone loves a textured wall piece.


Another rabbit… this little guy sits on the glass coffee table in the conservatory. I love his blue-grey colouring!


Fresh basil growing on the kitchen windowsill means that my Uncle can always throw together a quick pasta dish…


Some succulent succulents…


This little kitsch Christmas decoration adds a kooky touch to a display of delicate floral china. Also he’s adorable so that’s a plus too.


Family photos make this house a home. My little cousin Sam grew up in this house and even though he’s all grown up now at university, I love catching a glimpse of his younger self here in his childhood home. Here he is, doing a spot of fishing. (Looking rather tense – not sure if he’s actually enjoying it?) The picture below is of my Aunt and Uncle on their beautiful wedding day xxx


Small detailing with a riot of colour are trademarks of my Auntie’s House, and this cute little dish in the kitchen is no exception. You tend to find a lot of these small crotchet flowers lying about too, where my Auntie’s just fancied making something little.


Pictures on the walls don’t always have to be colourful, sometimes using blush and gold tones can make a great impact on a nude wall.


I spy another rabbit hiding amongst some spring flowers…


The chance of coming across an interior scheme that not only has beautiful touches, but also has a real home comfort feel, is very rare. The riot of colours in this house always makes me feel happy whenever I visit, and that at the end of the day is the most important interior concept of all.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Be happy, be bright, be you xx



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