Crafty Little Number: DIY Phone Case


A quick and easy tutorial for making your own phone case #craftyDIY

After years of being a loyal Apple user, I was finally persuaded to say good buy to my iPhone and join the Samsung team.

‘Mate – there is literally no difference between the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge – apart from the edge has a slopey edge. You’re paying more money for how it looks. That’s stupid. Get the S6.’ I’m really glad my friend Jas was with me in the shop – despite being in Marketing, I’m very easily persuaded by advertising.

The Samsung is great, the camera is totally amazing (I’m taking the best selfies of my life). I really, really love my new phone and we are enjoying a very happy new phone/human relationship where everything is exciting and wonderful EXCEPT the lack of decent phone cases on the market for Samsungs. There is nothing. I spent hours trawling the internet and I couldn’t find a single one that I liked – so I decided to make one for myself.

I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out. I call my creation… Marble and Gold – by Catherine. I expect to see everyone else copying the trend very soon. Maybe I should get a copyright for it? I’ll probably get a phone call from the queen, she’ll definitely want one.


Lets begin – I hope you are sitting comfortably.

Step 1: – buy a clear Samsung phone case – like this one, which I brought in Tescos.


Step 2: Take some Gold sticker stars (the ones left over can be used to train small children – I hear they do anything for gold stars)

IMG_20160305_152700 (1)

Step 3: Take some marble effect self-adhesive vinyl (any self-respecting blogger has a roll of this to use as a backdrop for her photos – I just cut out a few squares of mine to practice with)


Step 4: On the back side, draw around your phone and draw in a cool pattern that you like – I wanted to still keep some of the white of my phone so I didn’t want to cover the whole back with vinyl.


Step 5: Cut around your template – it’s worth testing the shape now by fitting it into the clear case, as you can cut small slivers off if you’ve gone too big anywhere. You should end up with something that looks like this:


Step 6: Put it all together! You can create any pattern you like with the stars to make a cool case that’s completely unique to you. This is the fun part!


Step 7: Wait until you are at a party, casually pull out your phone to take a selfie, and when everyone comments on your cool phone case say ‘oh this? I made it myself’.






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