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Considering I’m obsessed with keeping diaries and note books, I’m amazed I didn’t get into this whole blogging malarkey sooner. It all started with my BEAUTIFUL friend Lexi from Those Words She Wrote. We go to sewing classes together at La La Rookh sewing parlour in Hastings and the more she talked about her blogging life, the more interested I became.  I felt like I spent so much time creating things for other people – at work, for friends (in my early marketing days I used to work for free for a few friends who ran their own businesses) – that I never really created anything that was MINE – where I had the last say on something.

In the last year or so, I’ve accepted that at the moment my life is very singular. I don’t have kids, I don’t have a boyfriend and I really REALLY don’t want one, I don’t have a mortgage. I’m amazingly single – and therefore, I’m free to go on as many adventures as I want to. So I decided that until the time comes when I’m ready to really commit to something other than my career, I would try and get out there and experience as many things as I could. I would read things, cook things, visit things, see things. I would say yes to every invitation. I would learn new concepts, open my mind to different ideas, explore undiscovered places. And obviously eat a lot of carbs on the way.

So my blog is my new baby – I’ve got Lexi helping me on the way, and I know I’ve got loads of amazing adventures ahead of me to write about. If I try a new recipe, I’ll share it. If I discover a new magical hair product, I’ll tell you about it. If I see an inspirational TED talk shared on Facebook, I’ll dig a little deeper and really get to the bare bones of that subject, and then I’ll write a post on it. If I make something pretty at sewing class, if I read an amazing new book, if I go out and stumble upon a cute village market, I’ll write about it on my blog.

About Hastings:

Hastings is a historical town in East Sussex, on the South Coast of England. It’s most famously known for the Battle of Hastings in 1066, when the Normans invaded England. But that was a while ago, and these days it’s more commonly known for it’s social problems, fishing industry and cheap housing. Most people who are not from Hastings think that it’s a s*** hole. I’ll never forget the time when I worked in Tunbridge Wells and as I sat at my computer, a *very classy* (coughs) woman joked about how ‘all people from Hastings should be shot – hahahah’ – no class at all, if you ask me.


There is another side to Hastings, however. It’s got history, character, community, soul. I could head out on a Friday night on my own and end up having an amazing time because everyone is so god damn nice and friendly. You make new friends down here all the time, you chat to people in the shops, you natter away to someone as you take your dog for a walk on the seafront.


There is always so much going on down here – we have festivals, carnivals, markets, art galleries, shows, music gigs, marathons and so much more.


I’ll admit that I spent most of my childhood growing up dreaming about a life outside of what I thought was a small dead-end town but as soon as I moved away to go to university, I realised how wrong I had been. Yes people down here struggle, but it makes them strong and passionate, and you will never find a more genuine and loyal bunch. Just don’t get on the wrong side of them and you’ll be fine 🙂 Now I embrace it, I’m proud of coming from here, I’m humbled by the fact that I get to live in a place where my family have been for generations.


Here’s me, my dad and Holly-Dog on the Firehills at Fairlight.

So, Hastings will be featuring a lot in this blog. All I can do is hope that I do it justice through my writing.

Love Catherine xxx

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else” – Judy Garland


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